Defining Dragon Characters Part Two

Last time, I introduced Shuma, a Klimbanen-Swimman, a smaller dragon resembling a lizard. This type of dragon is highly intelligent and a swift runner, but their personalities are a bit quirky.

In 'The Lone Hero' I bring in another Klimanen-Swimman, who becomes important to Einarr, the Lone Hero.

Meet Zeemsa, a treasure keeper:

(Einarr's leg been hurt in battle and taken to Shuma's cave for healing. Once he's ready, he heads back to battle, but when the battle's over, he can hardly walk and takes refuge in a cave. It turns out to be Zeemsa's cave. He's depressed and she's going to help him recover. She explains how her parents expired by a Trejes-kaput - three headed dragon then she teaches him how to work with his leg.)

"Drag me to your room and I’ll just stay in there for the rest of my useless existence,” said Einarr.
Zeemsa uttered a tiny tinkled squeal. “Wait. You’re not trying to be clever. You’re being sarcastic. You haven’t figured out how to balance with it, have you?” she asked wisely pointing a webbed claw at him.
Einarr frowned.
“I remember trying to walk on my hind legs. Painful, isn’t it, and especially when you fall?” She nodded her head yes several times. “It’s scary too, trying to stay steady. It’s okay. We’ll practice. I’ll guide you.”
Einarr grimaced.
“Mi muter said that if you don’t try, you’ll never know what you can achieve, and you'll surprise yourself. They both died when a Trejes-Caput ate them at the same time with two of his mouths just last month. It was gruesome. I hid in here, our home until…when they…when he…”
“May you quickly heal from your loss,” said Einarr earnestly.
“There’s been many losses. I’m not the only one left alone. Tsama visited me not long after it happened and requested that I care for you too, so I went. I was relieved not to sleep in this cavern by myself. Your body is very warm so I snuggled close like I used to with mi mater. Now I’m back and I’m just realizing that my parents—” She folded her arms and her snout wrinkled.
Einarr felt sad for her, tiny and left without her parents. “I admit it. I need help. Will you teach me?”
“Oh yes.” She hopped excitedly and pulled him to his feet, but pushed him back down. “Wait here,” she called and rushed out.
She returned in no time with bread, fruit, and water for him. “Mi muter said that people must eat before any exertion. Lord Zavat said for you to spend the day with me since it’s all calm out there. He’ll call you if he needs you. He’ll burn you a fish in a while.”
“He’s probably having more success without me,” grumbled Einarr, chomping into stale bread. “Ouch!”
Zeemsa had pinched his arm. “Mi muter used to pinch me harder than that when I gave up. That’s how we learn. Did you learn?”
Einarr grinned. “I believe I did.”
Zeemsa beamed at him. “We don’t have to worry about the Trejes-Caputs anymore. When that one ripped your leg, Lord Zavat and Lord Szah chased them back to their homeland, threatening to kill every one of them. They were terrified of Lord Zavat. Imagine being afraid of a dragon as nice as he is.”
“Imagine that.” Einarr grinned and winked at her which caused Zeemsa to utter her tinkling squeal again.

Zeemsa, like Shuma and his wife Tsama, will show up again in 'Laurence of Dragon Fame.'

'The Lone Hero' is available where-ever ebooks are sold for $1.99. Click on the button of your store on the right to view this book and other works by me. 'Laurence of Dragon Fame' will be available shortly.

Love, Honor, and Respect to all.


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