Laurence of Dragon Fame Sequel to The Lone Hero

'Laurence of Dragon Fame' brings Einarr together again with his dragon half-father, Zavat. When humans lived on the planet Aberforth, some were hand-picked to be companions to certain dragons and Einarr's family line were companions of the great Zavat, a large black dragon called a Guerrverre.

On the companions' shoulders were the marks of those particular dragons. From 'The Lone Hero':

Einarr removed his tunic and soothed his shoulder with numbing ointment.
“Let me see.”
“It’s just an old ache from years ago. The salve numbs it.”
Harulis turned his arm and inhaled sharply, surprised.
“What’s wrong? Am I growing a claw or some such ridiculous thing? Maybe my ancestor’s face?”
Harulis sat back down and gawked at Einarr, awe-struck.
Einarr grimaced at her and pulled on his shirt. “Tell me more.”
“All companions are born with a birth mark on their shoulder that resembles the shape and color with whom they’re bound. From birth on, the tattoo grows. Yours is well-defined and raised. It’s a Guerrverre and he will track you soon. That’s why it hurts so much. The throbbing will stop when you meet him.”

“What do you like? I think not much.” Zavat cocked his head to the right, and studied Einarr curiously.
Einarr sat straight up and glared. “It’s true.” He shoved a finger at Zavat’s snout. “Our eyes—they’re the same. Same color, same shape. You made me into this monster that I am, the reason my own mother hated me. My hair is shiny black like your scales, and this—you disfigured me. Why?” Einarr pulled up his sleeve and pointed at the blackened and perfectly raised image of a Guerrverre.
“Excellent likeness of me. One of the best I’ve seen,” said Zavat, appraising Einarr’s shoulder.
Furiously, Einarr stared at Zavat, breathing in and out in short bursts.
“My, my. If you weren’t human, you’d be puffing out venom. I’m so proud.” Zavat imitated wiping tears from his face. He closed his lids again. “Back to work.”

In 'Laurence of Dragon Fame,' the mark appears again:

Apollo continued. “If you select not to fulfill your destiny, Lord Zavat has asked approval to insert a limited amount of prior memories into you in the future. Understand the significance. Although rarely allowed, we’re considering his request. When you realize who you were, Lord Zavat’s mark will take shape on your shoulder as it did on Aberforth. This will help convince the dragons to follow you. Lord Zavat will meet you later at the gates.”
Now on Earth as Laurence, Einarr doesn't remember his past life, but he's aware that a large black dragon is following him:

He got dressed and glanced out his window, rubbing his hand across his face. Dawn was on the horizon and a large winged creature glided above. Laurence wasn’t afraid. This is what he’d been trained for and he was determined to make his first dragon kill today. This fiend deserved death for taunting him his entire life. He grasped his left shoulder and rubbed his birthmark, which throbbed in pain.

Zavat must perform the ancient magic to help Einarr remember:

 It huffed impatiently and ripped Laurence’s left sleeve. “I always liked that portrait of me.”
Laurence, curious, turned his arm and looked. Where his birthmark once was, a pronounced image of a dragon now showed, the same dragon sitting in front of him. And the throbbing was gone. He tried to rub it off.

As he and Zavat guide dragons to portals, he shows his mark so dragons will know he was once 'The Lone Hero:'

 Zavat whipped around towards the dragon and spread his wings wide. “No. You’ll not harm mi silius, Chiazzz. Show him my likeness on your arm, Lone Hero.”
Laurence jumped up. Fear gripped him again. He pulled up his sleeve with a shudder and Chiazzz studied the mark then bowed.

Laurence's cousin hears about the mark and demands to see it:

 Pietro smirked. “She thought she was mothering me? They are strange, aren’t they? Show me your arm.”
Laurence held out his right arm with the sleeve down.
“Very nice, but I want to see the left arm, sleeve up.” Pietro pointed at Laurence’s left shoulder.
He bared his arm. “I should just cut off this sleeve.”
Pietro studied the mark. “It’s quite defined. What magic it took to develop such a symbol. This is a highly evolved and intelligent race, not like ours.” Pietro sighed. “My beliefs have changed dramatically.”

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Holiday Craft

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Glowing Angel Ornament
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