Are Friendships for Always?

As you all know, I've been working on 'Laurence of Dragon Fame', getting it ready to be published (soon, I promise). (Cover by the talented Joleene Naylor)
Knights, Dragons, and Devotion

'Laurence of Dragon Fame' is the 2nd book in my Aberforth dragon series, the first being 'The Lone Hero'. (Cover by the talented Roger Lawrence and Joleene Naylor)
Dragons, Elves, and Hut Dwellers

But did you know that it's also the third book in my Immortal series, the first being 'Always'? (Cover by the talented Joleene Naylor)

Immortals, Eternal Love, and Gingerbread

'Always' is the story of the Immortal Einarr and sets the stage for many books to come. 'Always' is set in modern times. Simon is a 36-year-old man from England who likes his life simple and lives alone. April is a 16-year-old girl who feels Simon is meant for her, and his life becomes complicated.

In my Immortal series, the Immortals choose to take on mortality for strength of character. In 'Always' Einarr is born into mortality with the name Simon. His eternal beloved Katura is born April, and his immediate circle of immortal friends join him in this adventure.

'The Lone Hero' is Einarr's first mission and he travels to the dragon planet Aberforth to put an end to the war between dragons.

In 'Laurence of Dragon Fame' Einarr is born with the name Laurence and he is reunited with his dragon half-father Zavat. The two work to save dragons from being hunted. Meanwhile, Laurence is raised by his uncle's family where he's trained as a knight by his older cousin Pietro, a Teutonic Knight well respected.

In 'Always' I scattered clues to my future books. Here are excerpts from the three books and how they relate:


Once they entered, the shopkeeper, a Mr. Elweil Adrol, greeted Simon enthusiastically and exclaimed, “I knew we’d meet again someday.”
Since Simon was sure that they'd never met before, so he ignored the comment and examined several time-worn books. Elweil Adrol claimed to be descended from elves, and that much of his collection once belonged to local magical beings.
         The age of the books intrigued Simon. Many, he guessed, had to be one of a kind. He paid little attention to Mr. Adrol’s story, but bought several books and offered Mr. Adrol a business deal.

But was Elweil really an elf?

The Lone Hero:

Einarr spent the post-war years with the elves and Sheema finding any stragglers to send to Earth. He became good friends with the elves’ emissary, Elweil Adrol. Shorter and stockier than most elves with a pot belly, Elweil was a jolly fellow and talented in organizing and in getting along with any race. Einarr didn’t talk much when Elweil visited since the elf rambled for hours about quirky topics and it took Einarr’s mind away from the horrors of the past.

So the elf Elweil was Einarr's friend, but why did Elweil know he and Einarr would meet again someday?

Laurence of Dragon Fame:

“Don’t listen,” said Shuma. “It might be a trap. Hurry, this way.”
But the voice sounded familiar, so Laurence waited for the being.
“I’m bringing her to you. Wait for us.” As the figure sprinted towards them, it kicked and ducked at the demons and cried out in elfish, “Weg frum me.” It sounded like ‘away from me’, and the demons obeyed.
Shuma spun in circles around Laurence kicking away Bawl Petras to keep Laurence safe. He tossed stones towards the elf to light his way.
A chunky elf with bulbous eyes, two pointed ears, and translucent white skin had reached them.
“Elweil?” asked Laurence, astounded.
“Oh no, the dumb oaf has done it again,” said Shuma. “Go back. Don’t come here. You mustn’t.”
Elweil was within inches of Laurence. “I saved Lady Miriam,” he said joyfully. He threw her wrapped body over Laurence’s shoulder.
Miriam didn’t move, her arms and legs and her bushy hair dangled as her face rested on Laurence’s chest while she hovered between life and death. She was dressed only in an under-tunic, covered with his cloak which had abundant Tsii-fir burns. Laurence held her with one arm and Shuma sprayed them both with more apple juice.
“Not in here,” chided Shuma. “Why didn’t you meet us in Aberforth? Take her back.”
“I didn’t think of that,” said Elweil, ashamed of his rash decision.
“I owe you,” said Laurence.
“You’ll make it good someday.” Elweil trotted off in a different direction.

'Always' has many more clues about future books hidden in the story. Did you wonder about parts of the story? If so, you may have guessed correctly.

'The Lone Hero' and 'Always' sell for $1.99. Just click on the button to your right to get to your store. Have you read either book? If you have, I hope you left a review. As authors, reviews are very important to us.

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Love, Honor, and Respect to all.


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