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The Lone Hero
These will be the last excerpts from 'The Lone Hero'. Next week, I will do excerpts from the next book in the series, 'Laurence of Dragon Fame.'
In the last post, our hero Einarr met his dragon half-father, Zavat. Einarr has gone to live with Zavat in his fortess high up a mountain. The fortress once belonged to a giant. Einarr has a lot to learn. First, he needs a little schooling in dragons and to learn the dragon language so Zavat takes him to Shuma:

From the cave ahead hurried a muddy-brown dragon with mahogany-brown stripes. Half the height of Einarr and thin, he shuffled quickly along upright. At first Einarr thought he lacked wings, but then he noticed they were camouflaged, tucked against his back.
“You found him! Wilcuma, which means welcome in our language, Lone Hero,” said Shuma with a slight bow, talking with clicks between words. “What an honor, here in my humble lair, and I’m to teach him.”
Einarr considered this creature. He’d never seen a dragon like this. Shuma’s stripes ringed his long torso and short limbs. Fluffy white tufts, feather-like, sprouted on his head.
He studied Einarr too and Einarr noted that Shuma’s light green eyes glowed red around the edges. His small talons on all four legs had tiny hooks and the toes were webbed. Einarr counted five small pin-sharp spurs on each. The petite animal seemed completely at ease balancing on his hind legs, his chameleon tail wagging, changing hues as it waved back and forth. When he smiled, the top and bottom of his mouth displayed double rows of mini jagged teeth.
Einarr smirked at Zavat. “You call this is a dragon?”
Shuma chortled.
“I can give you a week, maybe two, that’s all. Can you do it?” asked Zavat.
“If he is smart as is rumored about him, I should be able to instruct him in some things.”
Einarr poked the lizard-like creature in the stomach. Shuma swatted Einarr’s hand away. “No, no, hut-fellow. No jabbing.”
Zavat nodded at Shuma. “Educate him first in our types and in our language. He only recognizes us by colors, but he can understand us quite well.” To Einarr, he said, “I wouldn’t jab him again. He’s feisty and agile, and his teeth are extremely sharp. You’ll lose a finger. He’s a dragon with a brilliant mind, the smartest of all of us, a Klimbanen-Swimman. He can climb anything or swim rapidly. Don’t disrespect him, I’ll know, and don’t harm him. He’s the Keeper of our Records.” At that, Zavat left Einarr with the small critter.
“I imagine you’re hungry. That’s all primitives seem to want besides sleep. What else have you simple minded folk to live for? Quickly, yongling, there’s a lot for you to absorb. I have fruit and burned you a fish. You may eat while I lecture.”

After Shuma's training, Einarr is put in a class with other companions, but when Lord Szah comes to train, he recognizes Einarr is different than the average human and puts him in his warrior dragon school. At first Einarr isn't well accepted, but after showing his bravery, he is welcomed by the other dragon students. They graduate and head off to the war.

Einarr mounted Zavat and they circled above. The screechings became louder and Einarr noticed Tsaemo’s army speeding towards them.
‘Won’t be much of a fight. I count only six or seven,’ said Zavat.
‘Too bad there’s none for you. Maybe next time,’ retorted Einarr.
The Feohteres circled Zavat. Speedier than ever before, Zavat shot up and immediately dove. With a boisterous roar he blasted poisons from his nose while clawing the slower dragons, ripping out their hearts. Einarr, not to be left out, drew his sword and sliced any that Zavat sent his way. He sensed their terror and surprise towards him and Zavat, and he realized they recognized Zavat’s new companion. While they hesitated, Zavat did not. Heads rolled off bodies, dragons flopped unable to function from venom, and Einarr heard Zavat’s words to them: Meet your fate at the hands of the Lone Hero.’ Only a female escaped.

Einarr spends most of his life in battle. When the war ends, he marries and settles down with his Elven wife and children, but years later she's called back to Elven land and Einarr spends his days as the only human on Aberforth until his demise.

The relationship that he and Zavat forged will be the strongest bond Einarr ever has with anyone. He'll get a chance to be with Zavat again on Earth in the 13th century where 'Laurence of Dragon Fame' begins.

'Laurence of Dragon Fame' will be available in the next couple weeks and I'll run a special on these two books. In the meantime, if you'd like to read 'The Lone Hero' at $1.99, just click on your favorite store button to the right. 


I serve sloppy joes on Halloween. I have since my since first went trick-or-treating. This year I wanted a jello salad to go with it so I searched for a fun recipe and found Cherry Coke Salad.

Looks delicious, doesn't it? Here's the website with the recipe: Taste of Home Cherry Coke Salad
I can't wait to make it.


Don't forget the giveaway. There's still time for the October drawing where one person will win a darling Halloween crocheted bear (picture to come) and several others will win bookmarks. All you have to do is follow one of my blogs and/or my facebook page and leave a comment:

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Love, Honor and Respect to all.


DMS said…
I am a HUGE Cherry Coke fan- so I am most curious about that Jello! Yum!

Wonderful excerpt too. I love the way the dragon looks on the cover.

Thanks for the amazing giveaway too. :)
DM Yates said…
Then you'll really love this recipe! Thanks for commenting, Jess.
Barbara Fisher said…
Hello Donna, the jello salad looks delicious – I can see you are going to have a fun Halloween.
Congratulations on The Lone Hero and Laurence of Dragon Fame – I love the cover of the second one – very atmospheric.
DM Yates said…
Hi Barbara. Thank you for your comment. We do try to have a fun Halloween and I'm always looking for new recipes. Thank you on the book cover. It was done by Joleene Naylor, a very talented artist.

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