The Void from Laurence of Dragon Fame and Bloody Witch's Hand in Punch

Laurence of Dragon Fame

Last time, Einarr received his mission to travel to Earth and help save the dragons. In 'The Lone Hero'
I made a small mention towards the end of the story about 'The Void':

Einarr turned and walked up to the gates. The first set swung out and the next set swung towards him, each side connecting and locking. A path lay before him yet he hesitated.
“You must pass through and don’t dawdle. That walkway gated by each side is no accident. It protects us from the Void.”
“What do you mean?”
“The Void is a nasty emptiness filled with evil, vile demons. If you hesitate, you’ll encounter them, so go before the gates begin to close and leave you. It's a dangerous, terrifying hole in eternity where few escape torture and many are lost. Screaming, moaning, and howling. No place for any of us. Quickly now.”

In 'Laurence of Dragon Fame' our hero Einarr experiences The Void first hand. The Void is the nastiest place, as Zavat said. It's located in the 'betweens' - between the Other Side and all planets and it's filled with demons and evil creatures.

Einarr hasn't gone to Earth yet. He and his friends are called to save a spirit named Mina from The Void. One of my favorite characters is Lisia, a gigantic black spider. She has a prominent role in this book.

And aren't spiders a scary part of Halloween? So, here's two excerpts of Einarr's first encounter with Lisia:


They walked steadfastly onward when Einarr paused. “Careful. It narrows.”
A sheer drop of utter blackness loomed to their left, but their attention turned to the right where filaments glimmered and a large object moved.
“A Vefa-Vefre’s web,” they said at the same time.
“Clever,” contemplated Paulos. “You’d want to shift right, straight into the snare to avoid the cliff.”
“Back away and I won’t harm you.” Einarr held his rapier towards the web, his eyes intent on a dark shape that glided down.
Paulos whistled. A giant glossy black arachnid scrambled towards them. Tiny red dots filled its hollow eyes. Yellowed razor sharp fangs protruded from its enormous viscous haired mouth. The creature clicked excitedly. “Comes plays with my other prettsy petsies. Youze make nicey nicey and Ize won’t hurts youze much. Teensy stings.” It snapped near Einarr’s head.
“What an offer,” scoffed Paulos. “Tough decision.”
“I decline your request,” Einarr mocked. “Now hear mine. Bother us no more or I will render you into many pieces.”
“May not kill. May not. Must play kindly with me. Honorable spirits do no harm. Youze is noble, I thinks.”
“I do as I like.”
“Haughty naughty spirit youze is.”
“Have you heard of the Lone Hero?” Paulos pointed to Einarr, but then his eyes wandered to a different section of the web.
The Vefa-Vefre hissed and shuffled away. “Cause no trouble here, draconus-brute. Ize not touch youze. No harm me.” She spit. “Hates them draconem meanies, Ize do. Theys play by unfair rules.”
“I’m sure you live by the highest moral standards. Let’s go on.” Einarr balanced along the precarious path, weapon at the ready. Paulos hesitated, his attention still on a tortured prey stuck in the tangle. Drained of his strength, the spirit’s glint was all but gone and he mouthed the words “Help me.”
“I see him. On our return, we’ll free him.” He shone his light over the ledge where several hairy entities crawled farther below.
“Maybe she’ll be an adventure for another day. Who knows how many are caught in her maze, unable to free themselves.” Paulos grinned at his idea. “Quinn would have a great time.”

We know little about Lisia except that she's not fond of dragons or elves. But why not?

Meanwhile, Traeviern and Obadiah lingered by the Vefa-Vefre’s web.
The spider snipped her talons at the king. “Goes away. Goes away, youze wicked murderer.”
The king held his Elven sword near the spider while he kept an eye out for Einarr. She scurried away with a hiss. “Obadiah, meet Lisia. She’s bitter because her mate was a pathetic opponent.”
“Youze nasty-elfies hunts him then kills him, youze naughty elfie-kingish,” she rasped. Her legs performed a tarantella-like dance.
“We conducted a fair hunt and I allowed him an honorable death. He had, after all, caught several of our children in his snare and fed off them.”
Lisia shrieked. “Youze rude elfie kingish. Ize will slays youze.”
The king’s sword gleamed and Lisia backed up farther. He noticed the spirit glued to her web and he gave Lisia a warning look.
“Youze doesn’t touch it. My petsie. Mine. Ize plays with it. I trades youze for this prettsy all aglowsy?” Lisia snapped towards Obadiah then scuttled to the victim. She readied herself to inject her venom while her reluctant prisoner watched, horrified.
“No trades, and leave him alone.”
“Bossy elfie kingish. Youze as mean as the cocky biped Ize lets pass.” She prepared to bite her captive, but King Erbre-el casually slid the Elven sword between her and her victim. She discharged a thick white glutinous mush from her behind and nipped towards Traeviern. “Gives me the meanie what crossed through here already and this glowsy thingie with you.”
“Remember, I warned you not to touch my relatives.”
“He no kin, no elfish; he draconus brute.” Lisia sputtered. “Hates draconem. Meanies they are.”
“Yes, they’re rather vicious when they run into your kind.” To Obadiah he explained, “She speaks of Einarr and she’s not fond of dragons. They attack ruthlessly and become obsessed with the kill, don’t they, Lisia? They don’t like Vefa-Vefres in Aberforth. I suppose that’s why you’ve lost a leg?”
She clicked repeatedly. “So, he yourze also? Ize claim him. Youze steals my Sieno so youze give him to me.”
“I will not. He’s my son-in-law and a powerful dragon’s son, besides. You don’t want to mess with that dragon. Careful, Obadiah.”
She had attached a sticky strand to Obadiah and hung inches from him. The king sliced the filament. Obadiah hit her with pure energy and she squealed and climbed higher.
“Tricky elfie kingish with mean chumsy chum. I cares for my petsies and not stings them too often and soothes them with sweet songs.” She screeched in a high-pitch, “Obeedeedee, filled with energy, comes to me-e-e-e.”
“Enough.” ordered Traeviern.
Lisia snapped at him and scurried farther up her web.

As I mentioned earlier, Einarr has entered The Void to save Mina. If you read 'Always' you would have met Mina. Any idea who she was in 'Always'?

Now for a Halloween recipe. I've made the hand many times. It works in most punches:

One of my favorite sites for recipes is Allrecipes
Here's their recipe for the witch's hand:

Have a safe and happy Halloween.

Love, Honor, and Respect to all.


Stephanie Faris said…
That punch looks yummy. I may have to try that if I ever have a Halloween party!
DM Yates said…
Thank you for commenting, Stephanie. It is definitely yummy, and the hand looks so scary in it.
Barbara Fisher said…
The witch's brew looks delicious Donna! I’ve just been over to see how the hand is made – the simple ideas are often the best.
I would hate to end up in the void (as imagined by you) so scary.
baili said…
delicious .hope you enjoyed it
DM Yates said…
baili, it is so good!

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