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Last we left the Lone Hero, Einarr had just been born on the planet Aberforth, home of the dragons. A war has started by the Feohteres, a vicious race of dragons who detest the hut dwellers. Zavat is a Guerrverre, a large black dragon, and the Grandus Laedere of all dragons. He believes an ancient prophecy from the Book of Foretellings is to be realized and that the half-dragon son will be his.

Zavat performs an intricate alchemy formula. His companion Ennion must slip it in his pregnant wife's tea so that the baby will be infused with Zavat's DNA, making the child half dragon. In this excerpt the baby Einarr is born and Ennion rushes him to Zavat to see.

Ennien continued along the path, humming and murmuring about the qualities of the flora around them. Once out of sight, he dashed towards the three gnarled trees where Zavat waited.
‘Look up.’ Zavat perched on the top bough of the tallest tree. He glided down and held out his forearms.
Ennien laid Einarr gently in the dragon’s arms.
‘I observed the birth. Most exhausting for Aluscia.’ Zavat sniffed the baby and his snout nudged Einarr’s face. “A faint smell of dragon. Good.” Zavat whispered in Einarr’s ear, spit on both eyes, and immediately wiped them clean. "Now they’ll open. All draecubs are born with this crust. These are good signs that the spell worked." He puffed gently into Einarr's mouth.
The baby wriggled, blinked, and looked around, his elongated citrine eyes taking in the jungle around him. Zavat grinned. He clicked affectionately at his infant who stared back. He gently lifted Einarr’s tiny hand and guided it along his snout. This will help you remember me. He lulled Einarr to sleep, filled with pride.
‘You didn’t hurt him, did you?’
‘I concealed his voice. We can’t afford for him to be heard. He’ll speak again in a few years. By then, he’ll learn the importance of silence. I’ll guard him, be assured.’ Zavat held Einarr for a long time examining every inch of him before placing the baby reluctantly in Ennien’s arms. Einarr awoke and cried soundlessly.
‘He’s hungry again. He’s going to grow quickly. Best return him to his mother. I noticed he bears my mark already on his left shoulder.’
Ennien checked and a black oval blot shaped like a dragon had formed. Ennien nodded and with a low bow backed away from Zavat and sprinted until his village came into view.
Zavat watched with satisfaction as Ennien left with the infant. Einarr’s tough life awaited him, should he see it through to the end.

Ennien whispered to Einarr. “You’re fortunate to be born into our line. Lord Zavat is the most gifted and only he can save you.”

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Now for a Halloween recipe 

I love and this recipe is priceless.
You can find how to pipe this spider here: Wilton Spooky Spider

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