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Life With Dragons

Last time's excerpt was about the birth of Einarr on the dragon homeworld of Aberforth. The dragons are at war and the Feohtere dragons are attacking the hut dwellers. Einarr's father, Ennien is the companion to Zavat, a fierce dragon who fights against the Feohteres.

Einarr and his parents leave their small village and wander through the forest. Ennien has done this to protect Einarr. Einarr's been prophesied to be the one to end the dragon war, but along the way both his father and mother are killed by dragons leaving Einarr at 13 years old to fend for himself.

The years pass and he meets a girl and falls in love, but her fate is no better than his parents. Einarr is now an adult and Zavat is finally able to track him. Zavat comes to rescue Einarr, but Einarr has no love for any dragon.

Einarr meets Zavat:

Einarr sat amongst the carnage, lost in thought, his muscles tight, his left arm aching bitterly. The day was quickly closing but he refused to leave, not just yet. The image of the terrified Harulis carried off by her attacker haunted him along with the crunching and her two pieces tumbling. She sacrificed herself for a loathsome dragon. Why?
Einarr stopped nursing his wounds, stood up and looked around.
“Einarr, I approach.”
“Who speaks to me?” He heard a whooshing from overhead and looked to the sky. Something large was approaching from the west. He focused his attention in that direction and drew his sword. “You wish to challenge me? Why not? What’s one more? Show yourself.”
A black dragon of enormous size came into view. Einarr strode into a clearing and prepared to defend himself. Once it landed, without a moment’s hesitation, Einarr attacked and the dragon calmly flicked him aside. Einarr got up and hurtled towards it. It seized Einarr’s sword and crumpled it in its clawed paw but didn’t retaliate.
Einarr drew his knife. “I don’t ever surrender. I’ve finished off many of your kind with just this weapon.”
“With that piddly rock? Try if you must.” The dragon acted disinterested and stretched out a forepaw comfortably along the ground. It watched Einarr’s every step and Einarr noticed its slanted citrine eyes.
“You!” he whispered. He scowled at his father’s master. “I’ve wanted to find you.” Einarr half-circled his prey back and forth, tossing the knife from hand to hand, studying his enemy. He’d waited a long time for his revenge and he planned on savoring it.
“How much longer?” It yawned and nestled in the dirt.
“Arrrggghhhh,” yelled Einarr. He faked for its left eye then stabbed at the right. The dragon swatted Einarr as though he were nothing more than a pesky insect. Einarr skidded and landed on his back. His head smacked the earth hard.
“I’ve noticed that you use that technique too many times. Perhaps I should inform you that I teach combat tactics and that I’m older than most with a wealth of experience in war. We could play this game all day but we haven’t much time and frankly, you’re boring me.”
“I will avenge my family and Harulis,” yelled Einarr, frustrated that the dragon refused to fight.
“Not with that toy and we’ll have no more deaths today.”
Einarr scoffed. “I don't obey you. I'll take your life and today,” He lunged again.
In one fluid act, the dragon snatched Einarr’s knife and held Einarr down with his other paw. “Heh heh heh, okay, I’ll admit I enjoyed that ploy. I’m quick, don’t you think?”
“Let me up!” demanded Einarr.
“Promise you’ll behave.”
“I swear I’ll slay you, demon.”
“Name calling? Is that to wound me? Okay, I’ll play along. Ow, that pierced straight through me. I feel my life slipping away.” It grasped dramatically at its heart. “Please, no more, I beg you.”
“You’re obnoxious. Why tease me? Do you wish for a quick death?”
The dragon settled deeper and purposely squeezed Einarr’s sides.
“Oomph. Stop that. Oomph. I said stop that. Alright, I’ll hear your lies then I’ll enjoy executing you.”
The dragon released him, flicking him forward, and slid his knife to him. “You won’t be using that, er, weapon, will you? I have tough scales and not enough patience to wait for such a long tedious ending while you whittle away repeatedly at me.”
Einarr sat across from it. “I can’t figure out why I’d allow this. I don’t talk to idiots like you, but I’ll let you speak your last words.”
The dragon contemplated Einarr, thrumming his talons upon the Earth.
“Don’t stare at me,” demanded Einarr.
“Why not?” asked the dragon, surprised. He crossed his front arms and tapped the earth with a thick front digit.
“You’ll hypnotize me.”
It roared with laughter. “A child’s fable. Do you feel different?”

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Halloween Bat Toilet Paper Roll Craft Tutorial

Today's craft is one that you and your children can enjoy making together. Here's the website:
It's a simple craft. Basically, you're going to paint empty toilet paper rolls black, add wings, and glue on squiggly eyes. Do visit the site for the full instructions.

I'm thinking these would be great along a hallway or in branches or along your outdoor wall, especially if you use neon squiggly eyes.

It may be simple enough for kids, but I'm planning to make some for my hallway.


Don't forget to follow me and leave a message so you'll be entered into the giveaway. Here's an example of one of the gifts, Keepsake Angel Bookmark made by yours truly:

 Love, Honor, and Respect to all.


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