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The Lone Hero: Dragons, Elves, and Hut Dwellers

 Aberforth, home world to dragons and people is at war. Dragons are fighting each other and the human race is in danger of extinction. Einarr is born in a dragon’s companion line. Due to an ancient magical ritual performed by Zavat, a powerful dragon, Einarr is chosen to help bring about the end of the war and issue peace back to Aberforth. This will be no easy task for Einarr since the war will last throughout his lifetime.

Last time, I posted the excerpt on how the war got started. This time, let's take a look at how I imagine my immortal characters become mortal. We pick up where Einarr is about to travel to Aberforth from the Spirit World:

Chirr wagged his tail and pawed Einarr’s knee. His thoughts of missing Einarr came fluently to Einarr’s mind. Then the dog turned and trotted away.
Einarr smiled affectionately at Katura. “Watch him for me.”
“I will,” answered Katura, “and I’ll stay beside you, always.”
“Always,” repeated Einarr. “Appear to me in my dreams, Kat?”
Katura smiled. “I’ll not leave you.”
“Forthwith,” mused Einarr, “that word is our promise and we will be forever joined.” He leaned his forehead on hers and hugged her while he inhaled the aroma from her jasmine crown. He hadn't considered how desolate he’d feel at this moment. He didn’t want to separate from her.
“Jasmine will be our secret scent,” she thought, “When you’re in any pain, I’ll channel the fragrance and our promise on the winds to you.”
With sadness she, Paulos, and Jenniere resolutely left.
Einarr turned in shock to Apollo. “What is this ache?”
“It’s distressing to us when those we love withdraw their energy.”
Two angels appeared and with them walked a Guerrverre Great One.
“You’re resourceful; you will succeed. Harbor no worries,” one angel thought to him. “We will stand by your side at all times.”
“You’re as strong as I had hoped. I am Lord Zavat. We’ll enjoy adventurous times once we meet. Even though you won’t recognize me, I’ll know you.” Zavat blew warm vapors upon Einarr and Einarr heard a message riding on the smoke. ‘Remember this. You will favor the strongest of us. You are indomitable and will survive at all costs. Your resilience is unshakable.’
Zavat nodded to Einarr and flew away. His domed wings glided him across the Spirit World.
Apollo patted Einarr’s shoulder.
“Is this painful?” asked Einarr.
“Not to worry,” Apollo encouraged and he too walked away.
The angels and Einarr entered the appointed room where a fellow spirit led Einarr to a slab and instructed him to lie on it.
He did, glancing at the angels for reassurance. In an instant, he floated into the air and the slab slid to the side. A powerful force thrust him through a tunnel with the angels by his side to Aberforth and into his mother’s womb.
Einarr entered the awaiting embryo and experienced for the first time what mortality felt like. He tried hard to retain the connection but his memories became fuzzy. He heard only distorted words and as the veil sealed further, he heard his beloved Katura’s voice repeating “always.”
He experienced an unusual warm sensation while swaying. Was he moving? Then he recalled that he had entered his mother’s womb. He felt comforted and secure. He heard music, perhaps his mortal mother singing? Somehow he understood that her hand rubbed her stomach and he recognized her touch and deduced that she now realized she was with child. Einarr closed his eyes and slept.

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Craft Ring a Round of Spooky


Talk about a quick, fun, and easy craft. You need white garbage bags, balloons, and black paint or markers.

I found this delightful craft at bead and cord so if you need the instructions, visit the website.

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