Fantasy Author Stephen R Paolini Blood and Fire the Draconos Saga Volume One

One of the books I've read that really impressed me is 'Blood and Fire' by Stephen R Paolini.
Stephen has a way of writing that is unique and the storyline involving humans, dragons, and vampires is a different take than usual. His book is rated 5 stars, and well it should be. This is a tale that all fantasy lovers should have in their collection.

Nick opens his eyes. It is dusk, his usual waking time. He is hungry - or thirsty. The two are synonymous for the adolescent. His dirty blonde hair flips about his pale forehead as he rouses himself to a standing position.
From where he stands, the entrance to the cave is barely perceptible. The grey opening is partially occluded by a massive dark silhuette. The large object moves. Now Nick is confronted by a pair of glowing ruby orbs.

Interesting, isn't it? Want to read more? Just click on the above image. It will take you to Amazon where the book is available for FREE! Can you believe that? It's FREE so head on over and add it to your Kindle library.

While you're there, visit Stephen's author page: Stephen R Paolini Amazon where you can read about this amazing author. And be sure to click the follow button.

He's an author that I'm very much impressed with.

Love, Honor, and Respect to all.


Anonymous said…
Wow! Thank you for that, DM :-)
DM Yates said…
My pleasure, great writer.

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