Fall Fantasy Conclave Fantasy Author Hayley Lawson

Our Fall Fantasy Conclave is still happening on Facebook. This is a great time of year to pick up books for the cold weather moving in.

Today I spotlight Hayley Lawson who writes under the name of H J Lawson.
You can click on her picture and it will take you to her Amazon author page where you can see the books she's written.

 HJLawson is an English author who currently resides in New York. When she's not writing, she spends her time watching movies and hanging out with her family. She is the author of the following young adult books: The War Kids Series and The Sanction Series.

Hayley has a treat for you. Her 'Defender of Mankind' book is free! That's right free.  Hayley's Free Book 
If you enjoy a good fantasy and vampires, then you're sure to enjoy this book, so click on the link or the image to get this freebie.

What's it about?

Let's let her character Alexa tell you:
I’m Alexa, Defender of Mankind... Time to prove my namesake correct. I’m going to make humans stronger and faster to fight off vampires... I’m going to make them vampire slayers...

Sounds like a fun read, doesn't it? Give one of Hayley's books a try. You never know. She just might become your favorite author.

Love, Honor, and Respect


Barbara Fisher said…
Hello Donna, I never could resist a good book - free or otherwise so I very well might give one of Hayley's books a try.
DM Yates said…
Alas, Barbara, you're just like me. It's rare when I don't have a book in my hands. You'll enjoy Hayley's book.

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