The Story of Always and Eternal Love

Always was my first completed novel and it took years to write it. Publishing was another hurdle. I chose to independently publish for several reasons. Among them was to have total control of my work and another was my health. There's no way I can commit to any schedule.

Always probably would never have gotten published if not for the coaxing and strong support of fellow author Roger Lawrence, and I'll forever be grateful to him for his guidance.

Nor would it ever have been published without the detailed editing by another dear friend, author, and poet Elizabeth Maginnis.

The book cover was designed by the unbelievably talented author, poet, crafter, and book designer Joleene Naylor, and this cover holds a special place in my heart. Thank you deeply, Joleene. Joleene is another author that goes above and beyond to support her friends. Her Amaranthine Series, a vampire paranormal is extraordinary and I can't wait to get my hands on the next one.

If fantasy and vapires are your thing, I'd encourage you to join her Facebook group, Amaranthine Street Team
She's always doing fun things and give-aways.

Back to Always:
Always is about two immortal lovers who travel to Earth to experience mortality as Simon and April. Simon is 36 years old and searches the world for antiques. April is his best friend's 16-yr old niece who believes Simon and she are meant to be together. Simon thinks she's an immature teenager and does his best to avoid her. The story follows their lives and experiences, ending when April is 80 yrs old.

Why did I write Always? I was toying with three other novels when I had a vision of a British gentleman staring out from his balcony. At the time, two of my dearest friends had just lost loved ones - one from a car accident and the other who committed suicide. These motivated me to write about life both here on Earth and on the Other Side.

I can write about the intricate storyline of this novel, but how about I show you the youtube book trailer I made?

Right now, Always (along with my other books) is free at Smashwords through the end of this July, 2016. You can find it elsewhere in both e-book format and paperback. Take a look at my powerpoint presentation on Slideshare:
The Story of Always

Perhaps Always is a story meant for you. It'll make a great summer read. Download it today.

The story of always from Donna DM Yates

Love Honor and Respect to all.


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