Smashwords July Sale and Excerpts From my Books

Smashwords is having a July sale through July 31st and all of my books are FREE until then. Starting today, I'll be giving you glimpses from my stories on my blogs to help you choose which story is right for you.

(You don't have to just download one. You can download all of them, if you want).


Always is a story about a group of Immortal Beings who can travel to various planets as they wish and become mortal, but once born on a planet, they don't remember their pasts. In this novel, we meet 36-year-old Simon and 16-year-old April. April is positive that she and Simon will one day marry, but Simon isn't interested in children's dreams. Or is he? Always is more than a romance. It's a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Excerpt from ALWAYS:
 Unable to sleep due to his surfaced emotions, Simon attempted to drown his persistent phantoms with a bottle of Scotch. Damn Dixie. Damn all women, he thought. He got out of bed, downed another large swallow of his drink, and dressed. He knew what he must do to release the demons that haunted him. It never failed.

The Lone Hero  Einarr, an Immortal Being is sent on his first  mission to the dragon planet of Aberforth to put an end to the dragon wars and he'll spend most of his human life doing just that. Surrounded by dragons and elves, he faces his life with all the bravery and gusto he can.

Excerpt from THE LONE HERO:

From above, a deafening roar of anguish echoed through the sky and a gigantic black dragon plunged among the three, shooting a spray at them from his nostrils. Two fell and the black beast landed on them, tearing at them and severing their heads, growling. The third screeched in terror and flew pursued by the black, vengeance riding on his every flap of his wings, hissing in a language that Einarr could almost interpret; about vowing no mercy. Not long after, an anxious cry filled with lament reverberated through the jungle, cut short by a satisfying roar and gurgling. Then silence.

THE DIMIDIUMS BOUND BY LOVE is a fantasy romance. Trevor Dittmar is a Dimidium - half vampire and half human. His kind is kept secret from humans. Trevor and his father are well-renowned Trackers in their world hunting vampires and the worst of human criminals. And the two detest humans. That is, until Trevor meets a human woman, Janna. Now, he must keep their love a secret from his father.

Excerpt from The Dimidiums Book One Bound by Love:

The monk bowed. “Welcome to our Shaolin Temple. I am Shīzi. It means Lion. I have chosen to train you. You may pick an empty cave. It will be your personal corner of the world, perfect for meditation.”
“You’re Dimidiums, aren’t you?”
“We all are at this temple. Therefore, I expect exceptional ability from you. What’s your name?”
“I’m Trevor Dittmar.”
“I’ll call you Xiăo Lăohŭ. It means Little Tiger. Perhaps you’ll emerge a grown tiger, but by your actions, I think maybe not.” Shīzi laughed. “Your training begins now, Little Tiger.” In an instant, Shīzi stretched out a leg, wrapped it around Trevor’s ankle and tripped him. He hit the ground backwards and hard. He couldn’t control his bottled up anger anymore. With a deafening growl, he attacked, only to be thwarted by Shīzi’s calm reaction. He charged at the monk again and again, only to find himself flat on the ground every time while Shīzi stood, always in some strange stance, always tranquil.

Stepping Stones to Love Honor and Respect is a collection of my poems ranging from romantic to New Age.



Give me But a Rose

You ask what you can give to me
to show your love divine.

Give me but a rose, my dear,
and this will be your sign.

It must have grown in earth’s rich loam;
sweet essence so refined.

Cleansed several times by rain’s nectar,
a red grail that doth shine.

You with said flower, freshly picked,
towards Elysium will climb.

Up to the gods you must ascend;
they’ll lave our rose in wine.

They’ll notice your enamored heart,
the solemn vow of thine.

Weeping, they’ll pour their precious draught
around our hearts to bind.

—Eternal tears which trusses us
for now thru all earth’s time—

And so, my fair, it will become
a thorn-less rose enshrined.

You asked what gift I’d take from thee.
I’ll take such bloom entwined.

Oh, give me but a simple prize,
a gem as I’ve defined:

A humble choice the gods have blessed—
your love to me consigned.

Gingerbread Castle is a children's winter rhyme book about a far-away place in dreamland.


Excerpt from Gingerbread Castle:


Far from here where it glimmers and glows
from glistening ice, where cool winds do blow,
There’s a land that’s colder than cold.
Its trees are draped in red and gold.

From here through the 31st, I'll spend two days on each book to give you a better idea of what the stories are about starting with 2 days of excerpts from Always.

Book covers designed by Joleene Naylor. The Lone Hero cover designed by Roger Lawrence and Joleene Naylor.

You can download any of these at

My books can also be found at DM Yates Amazon and DM Yates Google Play Books

I hope you've found something to fit your taste.

Love Honor and Respect






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