Novel The Lone Hero by DM Yates

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The Lone Hero

About eight years ago, a story in Epic form came to me about 'The Halls of Aberforth', the home planet of dragons. I'm still working on it, but here is the first stanza:

Gathered the mist and the gloom and in deep fog around,
circling along halls of great Aberforth surrounds.
Warriors both young and old, waiting in the great hall,
the decisive vote for a war has brought the call.

 Another story developed from the epic, 'The Lone Hero.'

I thank Roger Lawrence and Joleene Naylor for this perfect cover.

The Lone Hero is best told in power point with the video trailer attached:
The Lone Hero from Donna DM Yates

This is the beginning tale of the Immortal Einarr's relationship with dragons and especially his closeness with his dragon father (and Grandus Leader of all Dragons), Zavat.

From 'The Lone Hero', I had to have the dragons meet with Einarr again. This time, the Immortal Einarr is born mortal on Earth and christened Lawrence Di Draco in the novel 'Lawrence of Dragon Fame' which will be out later this year.

(images from Catmando, rudall30 and canstock
cover by Joleene Naylor)

Why stories about dragons? Because I'm fascinated by the fables and legends of dragons and I thought, what if dragons really do exist? What if they have their own planet but have portals into our world?

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