DIY Quick Craft PinBoard With Granny Squares

Well, I'm still at it, making quick crafts. It's not the only thing I'm doing. I'm writing and editing too, but I'm just in that mode for quick crafts.

Yesterday while I was straightening my crafts closet, I came across half a piece of cork board and several crocheted Granny Squares that were left over from another project. So I thought, 'Either throw them out or do something with them.'

I looked at my craft area. There was this bare spot on my wall so I made a Pinboard.
This is it, hanging on my wall.

It was simple. I matched the Granny Squares and glued them on the board so they would stay still while I worked with them.

Then I fitted them onto the board and pinned them in place with small sewing pins. That was it.

I mounted it easily enough using Command Picture Hanging Strips, available almost anywhere.

Simple, easy, and efficient.

Love, Honor, and Respect.


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