Atkins for Life

I'm a carb sensitive person. Yes, sadly, anyone can be carb sensitive. It was in the 1980s when I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome that I discovered this fact. I gain weight easily if I ingest too many carbs and I'm gluten sensitive, which means breads and pasta upset my stomach.

I was so ill with CFIDs that I had to do something to feel better. I turned to Atkins. Atkins is a life-long diet plan. Now, when I saw diet plan, I don't mean to lose weight, although, believe me, you can certainly do that on Atkins. No, I meant the types of food that works for your body. In other words, I love Atkins because I can limit my carbs on it without a lot of math.

There are many diets today that limit carbs, but Atkins remains my favorite because it's easy to use. Yet, if you're addicted to carbs or sugars, it can be a difficult diet to follow.

If you've never used Atkins before, you'll want to start with Phase 1, Induction. It's a tough phase and really is for people who need to lose weight. And believe me, you'll lose. Then you move on to Phase 2 where you start adding carbs slowly back into your diet. And finally, Phase 3 - Atkins for Life because you've learned to manage your carbs, overcome your cravings, and now know how to eat for your health.

There's always been lots of criticism about Atkins. Much of it is just plain not understanding what Atkins is all about.

In my case, I feel healthier, I have more energy, I can exercise without getting sick after, and I just plainly feel better.

Everybody's different. Finding out what foods you're sensitive to is important to your well-being. For instance, I also have intolerance to too much sugar, caffeine, msg, milk and cheeses, and too much salt. See how Atkins fits me? It's low in these areas unless you buy frozen processed meals. And we all know that none of those is good for you.

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Barbara Fisher said…
I’m happy to hear you are feeling so much better Donna. I’ve never really looked at the Atkins diet before, but I will certainly be following your link. Have a great weekend.
DM Yates said…
Thank you, Barbara, and thank you for your comment. I've enjoyed Atkins. Maybe you will too.

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