Review A Time for Everything by Mysti Parker

I just finished reading 'A Time for Everything' by Mysti Parker. I won this book in an Eary Revewer program and I absolutely loved it.

The book is a historical romance set after the Civil War, and it just made the book more intriguing to me.

The story is about a young woman named Portia who not only loses her husband to the war, but loses her 2-year-old daughter to Typhoid. Lost and grieving and living with her brother-in-law's family, she decides the best thing for her is to start a new life.

She accepts a position as teacher of a young boy in the home of Beau Stanford. Beau lost his wife during the war. He lives with his father, his friend Harry (raised with him so they're like brothers) and two servants.

Being a romance pretty much tells you what's going to happen to Portia, but the book also has a lot of action to it.

Ms. Parker builds her story and characters well. As I read the book, I felt I was right there with the Stanfords and Portia, and isn't that one of the most important qualities of a well-written book? That you get drawn into a new world by the author?

Mysti Parker has written several books, and if they're anything like this one, then they've got to be good reads. You can find this book at for 99cents along with other of her works.

I'd recommend this book to any lover of the Romance Genre and give it 5 stars.

Love, Honor, and Respect.


DM Yates said…
ty, Jo. I really enjoyed this book.

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