Chantilly Lane Singing Talking Dancing Teddy Bears

I love discovering new things. Just the other day I was searching teddy bears. Don't ask me why. I just get an idea and take off on it.

Well, I found this fun site: Chantilly Lane
They offer a wide variety of teddy bears and a few other toy stuffed animals that sing or dance or record your voice and play back - all under $30!

If you click on a bear, a video pops up and shows you what the bear can do.
Check out a couple of their youtube videos:
I had so much fun listening to these toy animals, and I must admit that Roxie above is my favorite.

Drop by the site. You'll be amazed. And of course, have fun.

Love, Honor, and Respect


Mark R Hunter said…
Emily hates stuffed animals ... I should get her one.

Barbara Fisher said…
So much fun Donna, thanks for sharing the youtube videos and telling us about these cute bears.
DM Yates said…
lol, Mark. I'm guessing she gives it to your dog.
Barbara, thank you for dropping by and commenting. It is a fun site, isn't it?

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