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I have a lot of musings and often I end up researching my thoughts online.

A few months ago, I was thinking how I took ballet for years. Once I became ill, it was too demanding and exacting for me to continue, but could I go back to ballet at my age and with my health. I knew I couldn't take a class, so I looked online for an alternative and I found it in the form of a training ballet, Boomer Ballet.
Sure enough, it was just what I needed so of course I bought it and I absolutely love it. Those are my ballet shoes in the picture and as you can see, they're getting used.

Boomer Ballet says you can use it to learn ballet, but my opinion is, you should attend a basic ballet class for that, but as a refresher or in addition to your class, it's perfect. And if you've studied ballet in the past, but haven't taken a class in a while, it's perfect for that too.

I love the instructor Marsha Montomery. She explains things so well and takes you through a simple class. The DVD is divided into three parts: basics, exercises, and basics and exercises. I start with basics, which was a great refresher on the proper way to stand and the positions. Then I went to basics and exercises, and now I work with the exercises. And of course, I look forward to this workout.

Interested in this DVD? You can learn more or order here:

Why ballet? This is from the Studios Schools of Classic Ballet: That said, ballet is both a challenging and fulfilling body discipline that develops both coordination and mental acuity as well as helps to develop an ear for music and the joy inherent in responding physically to it. From an exercise standpoint, ballet's many benefits include muscular strengthening and the building of cardiovascular stamina, and the potential to increase flexibility. An absolute benefit includes postural awareness, postural alignment and general improvement. Because of the isometric techniques employed across ballet study, students of all ages build elongated yet strong arms and legs. Using the weight of the body against gravity strengthens lean muscle tissue.

Be aware that to say ballet is a challenge is an understatement. It is an exacting art and few can achieve near perfection. However, it is a wonderful workout.

From a pin I found on pinterest:
"If ballet were easier, it would be called football."

Anyone who's ever studied ballet would understand that quote.

Ballet was pivotal to my exercise regime. Difficult, challenging, but rewarding with amazing benefits. Asked to write a short story for 'When the Lights Went Out' I wrote of course, about ballet. You can read my short story on Wattpad: The Best Gift I Can Give

If you're looking for a workout  you can do at home, I encourage you to give this DVD a try. You can purchase your ballet shoes and ballet outfits at

Let's get in shape and stay in shape, no matter our ages.

Love, Honor, and Respect


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