Affect Versus Effect Ethereal Versus Ephemeral Betrayed by DM Yates

There's no getting around it. English grammar is a complicated thing. Is there anyone who gets it right all the time?

Two words appear high on the errors list: affect and effect.

Affect is a verb. It means to have an effect on someone, to touch someone in some way.

Effect is a noun - to cause something to happen or a change or result because of an action.

If we just remember that affect is a verb and effect is a noun, we should have no problem.

Two words that I often mix up are:
ethereal - delicate, light, to perfect for this world


ephemeral - lasting for a short time, such as a plant.

What two words do you have problems with?

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Barbara Fisher said…
Hello Donna,
I confuse affect and effect all the time! When I produced my first book selling catalogue, I used the wrong spelling on many of the descriptions. Book selling friends were quick to point out my mistake, but it was very embarrassing. I do still get it wrong from time to time so your tips will be a great help. I’m going to copy and print and keep them on my desk to refer to next time I get in a muddle.

Do you ever transpose numbers? Yesterday I wrote down the time of a doctor's appointment as 9 to 10 instead of 10 to 9! I am dyslexic, so could do without age-related forgetfulness!

Have a lovely weekend. x
DM Yates said…
Barbara, thank you for commenting, and I'm so glad there are others like me. I also definitely transpose numbers. Misspellings abound when I get lost in my stories. As for forgetfulness, what were we talking about?

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