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Affect Versus Effect Ethereal Versus Ephemeral Betrayed by DM Yates

There's no getting around it. English grammar is a complicated thing. Is there anyone who gets it right all the time?

Two words appear high on the errors list: affect and effect.

Affect is a verb. It means to have an effect on someone, to touch someone in some way.

Effect is a noun - to cause something to happen or a change or result because of an action.

If we just remember that affect is a verb and effect is a noun, we should have no problem.

Two words that I often mix up are:
ethereal - delicate, light, to perfect for this world


ephemeral - lasting for a short time, such as a plant.

What two words do you have problems with?

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Love, Honor, and Respect

What If What Next What Now Writing Your Story

I found this perfect quote from Tom Clancy, and doesn't it fit all of us?

Boomer Ballet

I have a lot of musings and often I end up researching my thoughts online.

A few months ago, I was thinking how I took ballet for years. Once I became ill, it was too demanding and exacting for me to continue, but could I go back to ballet at my age and with my health. I knew I couldn't take a class, so I looked online for an alternative and I found it in the form of a training ballet, Boomer Ballet.
Sure enough, it was just what I needed so of course I bought it and I absolutely love it. Those are my ballet shoes in the picture and as you can see, they're getting used.

Boomer Ballet says you can use it to learn ballet, but my opinion is, you should attend a basic ballet class for that, but as a refresher or in addition to your class, it's perfect. And if you've studied ballet in the past, but haven't taken a class in a while, it's perfect for that too.

I love the instructor Marsha Montomery. She explains things so well and takes you through a simple class. The…

Betrayed A Dark Steamy SciFi Romance by DM Yates

I've begun to post the chapters from one of my newest novels, 'Betrayed' on Wattpad. I really love Wattpad and enjoy sharing my works there. If you're on Wattpad or would like to read my stories and poems, here's my link and I encourage you to follow. If you have an account, of course, I'll follow you back. DM Yates Wattpad

I'm putting chapter one here for you to read. If you like it, please go to Wattpad and read the other chapters.

I will warn you about this book, though, in Wattpad's words:
Story may contain graphic depictions of violence, sexuality, strong language, and/or other mature themes.

I have removed parts of Chapter One because it is unsuitable for certain audiences. However, I have posted the real chapter one on Wattpad.