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The Widdle Girl With the Big Fangs

Poem The Falling Snow

One of my poems on wattpad.

Betrayed, a Dark Steamy Scifi Romance Chapter Eight Part Two


The Dimidiums Book One Bound by Love Chapter Five

Trevor and Janna spend the night together and Trevor finds that he can't resist Janna, but that's a big problem since he's been hired to kill her.

Betrayed A Dark Steamy SciFi

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Love, Honor, and Respect.

Five Excerpts From Laurence of Dragon Fame

Laurence of Dragon Fame is entering its last edit. Yay!

Congratulations to Laura L Purvis Shoemaker and Gaye Pilgrim for winning bookmarks.

Here are five more excerpts from 'Laurence of Dragon Fame' to give you a little more on what the book is about: