The Mysteries of the Human Body

The older I get, the more my friends and relatives have health or injury issues that I've never heard of. I've come to believe that the human body is much more delicate than we think we are.

I talked about the injuries from the last two years and my slow climb to recovery, but this year was the most bizarre.

Who knows what triggers cause health issues?

I've known for years that I'm lactose intolerant and must be very careful with milk products. I usually drink Almond Milk. I'm also sensitive to MSG. High amounts of MSG can bring on a Meniere's Attack and believe me, that's not worth eating products with high levels of MSG. I've read articles that claim that MSG doesn't cause health issues. I stand as living proof that it can and does. menieres

I'm also sensitive to high levels of sodium in foods and caffeine, both of which can bring on menieres. When it get real nasty, well, I won't go into that.

So I avoid milk and milk products, MSG, go fo…

Surrender is not an Option

Never, never, never give up. (Winston Churchill)

This has been one of my strongest beliefs. Why? Because I've had to struggle my entire life for my health.

In my younger days, I exercised daily, believing that it strengthens your mind and your body and prepares you for your later years. What I found out is that genetics is the bigger piece of the pie. I'm sure many of you agree.

Last time I explained why I had gone off the grid in 2016. This time, we're going back to Jan of 2017.
I've felt pain before. Who hasn't? But what happened in 2017 was more pain than I ever experienced in my life.

I still exercise, not quite daily anymore. I exercised a lot in 2017 - walking, walking on the jogger, dancersize, yoga, ballet, rowing machine, weights. I'm obsessive about keeping healthy.

Jan 2017 - I woke up with my right shoulder, neck, and arm in horrible pain. After many doctor visits, an ER visit, specialists, several MRIs, and even a Cat scan, I was still in severe pa…

Where in the World has Donna Been

Maybe some of you noticed that I've been gone off and on for over 3 years. So just where have I been and what have I been up to?

Well, I've been home, healing. Yep, healing. I've had a series of injuries and one very bizarre health issue.

In this post and the next few blogs, I'll explain why I haven't been around.

In January 2016, I was preparing dinner for my family. With a family sized (over 3 lbs) can of Pork N Beans in my hand, I was about to open use the electric can opener when I dropped the can...right on top of my left foot, injuring a nerve and bruising my toes and the top of my foot, and spraining the index toe. Ouchie, for sure.

Here I should explain that I never - no never - wear shoes in the house. A lesson I still refuse to learn.

Hey, it could have been worse. I didn't break any parts.

Alas, I couldn't walk well and spent a great deal of time lying down with heat and cold pack treatments to take the stress off the foot. Four times a day, for…

Angels Thrifting and Crafting

I love to visit thrift stores and find angels in need of refurbishing.
Here's one that I've fixed up:
I crocheted new wings and starched them, added pearls around her hair, new ribbon, and added a pink rose for her to hold.

As my friend once told me, "Creativity brings you closer to God."

Love Honor and Respect to all.


I'm fascinated by subjects about twins. There's a reason. I'm a twin - a fraternal twin. Here I am with my brother many, many years ago.

Twin: one of two children born at the same time.

Seven different types of twins:
Mirror Image twins. ... 2) Half-Identical twins. ... 3) Mixed Chromosome twins. ... 4) Superfetation. ... 5) Superfecundation. ... 6) Fraternal twins. ... 7) Identical twins.Mirror Image twins: monozygotic;  formed from a single fertilized egg. When the split occurs late - more than a week after conception - the twins can develop reverse asymmetric features.

Half-Identical twins:
a single maternal contribution to the twins but they had a mixture of two paternal contributions; two sperm involved but possibly only one egg.

Mixed Chromosome twins: This occurs if two separate sperms fertilize two separate eggs which then fuse, producing individuals with different sets of chromosomes. Some have been identified to have more than one distinct red blood cell type and…

Snippet Minute Dragons

Love Honor and Respect for all.

Believe in Yourself and Dream

I dedicate this post to all of us who struggle to reach our dreams. None can say it better than Jim Nabors:

Never give up. Believe in yourself and your dreams.

Love Honor and Respect to all.