I'm fascinated by subjects about twins. There's a reason. I'm a twin - a fraternal twin. Here I am with my brother many, many years ago.

Twin: one of two children born at the same time.

Seven different types of twins:
  • Mirror Image twins. ...
  • 2) Half-Identical twins. ...
  • 3) Mixed Chromosome twins. ...
  • 4) Superfetation. ...
  • 5) Superfecundation. ...
  • 6) Fraternal twins. ...
  • 7) Identical twins.
Mirror Image twins: monozygotic;  formed from a single fertilized egg. When the split occurs late - more than a week after conception - the twins can develop reverse asymmetric features.

Half-Identical twins: 
a single maternal contribution to the twins but they had a mixture of two paternal contributions; two sperm involved but possibly only one egg.

Mixed Chromosome twins: This occurs if two separate sperms fertilize two separate eggs which then fuse, producing individuals with different sets of chromosomes. Some have been identified to have more than one distinct red blood cell type and individuals who are both XX and XY (the sex chromosomes – XX being female and XY being male.) It is very rare, and less than 25 cases have been identified as yet.

Superfetation twinsthe occurrence of a second conception during pregnancy, giving rise to embryos of different ages in the uterus.

Superfecundation twins: twins with a different father.

Fraternal twins
either of a pair of twins who, as a result of developing from separate fertilized ova, are genetically distinct and not necessarily of the same sex or more similar in appearance than other siblings.

Identical twins: either of a pair of twins who, as a result of developing from a single fertilized ovum, are alike in all genetic characteristics (including sex) and typically very similar in appearance.

Interesting, don't you think?

Love Honor and Respect to all.


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