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Guest Post Fantasy Vampire Author Joleene Naylor

I love to showcase my friends. I think they're all brilliant and today's guest is no exception. I've known Joleene Naylor for a number of years and I'm a loyal fan of her 'Amaranthine Series.' I challenge you to read one of her books (I suggest 'Shades of Grey' to start or preorder 'Brothers of Darkness' and you'll find that you can't set it down and when you're finished, you absolutely must start the next book.

I'll tell you, those books are addictive and they're not for those who want a sweet cutesie vampire to drool over. Jo's done some heavy research and her vampires and their world are the kind you don't want to anger or run into in the middle of the night. But her characters are very real and right off, you pick your favorites and hide from the others.

I mentioned that my favorite vampire is David Lee Summers' Desmond Draco, and he is, but in the Amaranthine World there are those that I'd follow aroun…

Guest Post by Author and Astronomer David Lee Summers

I'm very excited for this guest post. David Lee Summers has quickly become one of my top favorite authors writing fantasy/sci fi/steam punk.

I met David at Wordpress and I was impressed with his blog posts so I did more research on him. Right off, I was attracted to his 'The Pirates of Suffiro.' I read all three books and loved every one of them. Then I discovered that he wrote vampire novels too and I had to read them. Now, I'm about to embark on a journey I never thought I would take - reading a steampunk novel. I'm giving his Clockwork Legion Series Book One Owl Dance a try. I've never been disappointed with his writing, so I suspect I'll become a fan of this series too.

The vampire series starring my favorite vampire character, Desmond Draco:

David is highly intelligent, creative, and a hard worker. He's also extremely interesting and a very kind man. And one of the best authors to come along in a long time. His books are well priced and well worth …

Guest Post Author and Humorist Mark R Hunter

I mentioned that I'm spending this week spotlighting authors and having guest posts. Well, today is one of my favorite authors and friends, Mark R Hunter. I've known Mark for many years through author groups and really enjoy his friendship. He has a quick wit and is a talented author. I've read his Romance books and they're on my 'favorite reads' shelf.

Mark sent me three guest posts to choose from, and I couldn't decide which I liked, so you're going to see him two more times on my blog.

Mark is a fireman, humor columnist. author of several books, and all-around nice guy to know. He's married to a very talented woman who supports him in his career (and I tell him often, he's lucky to have her). His latest book is 'Hoosier Hysterical', a book, as he says,  about how the west became the midwest without moving at all. (Mark is a naturally talented humorist, can you tell?).
Here's Mark's first guest post: