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Novel The Dimidiums Book One Bound by Love by DM Yates

Creative people will tell you that often we're nagged by ideas. So it was with this five book series.

It was last January that the idea hit. I was dusting when I thought of a good-looking man walking down a street in a Nevada small town, and I wondered, what if he were half vampire and half human? And I even felt his name should be Trevor. Trevor Dittmar.

I was off writing the series.

Stepping Stones a Book of Poetry by DM Yates

Smashwords' July sale will run through July 31st and there are plenty of books at excellent prices and FREE for your downloading pleasure.

My books are all FREE through July 31st: DM Yates Smashwords

Today, I want to share with you two poems from my book of poetry, Stepping Stones to Love, Honour, and Respect.
Isn't the cover beautiful? It's another cover made for me by my talented and awesome friend, Joleene Naylor:

Joleene understood just what I wanted for my cover. I'd explained it from a dream I had. Thank you again, Joleene, for another amazing cover.

I love poetry. I always have. I was first influenced by 'A Child's Garden of Verses' by Robert Louis Stevenson.  That book sent me on my way to writing poetry.

Poetry warms the soul and it certainly does mine.

Here's a video I made where I recite two of my favorite poems from my book. If you're interested in downloading, just click the smashwords link above. If you want to purchase the book (99cen…

Novel The Lone Hero by DM Yates

Smashwords continues it's summer sale and I hope all of you have downloaded some fine books, including mine.
On my sidebar I now have Buy Buttons that will take you to my main page at amazon, smashwords, barnes & noble, google play books, Kobo, and itunes making it easier for you to shop if you wish.

The Lone Hero

About eight years ago, a story in Epic form came to me about 'The Halls of Aberforth', the home planet of dragons. I'm still working on it, but here is the first stanza: